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Every child wants a loving home and a permanent, life-long connection with caring adults. Unfortunately, all too often, these connections are not made for children and youth in foster care.

These are several of the current initiatives designed to achieve better outcomes for life-long connections for foster children.

California Permanency for Youth Project

The California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP) was founded in 2003 as a project of the Public Health Institute and a five-year grant from the Stuart Foundation with additional funding from the Walter S. Johnson and Zellerbach Family Foundations. The purpose of the project is to assist California counties to establish programs to enhance efforts to create true permanency for their foster children and youth.

Important components of finding permanent connections for children and youth in foster care are the family finding programs such as MyHeritage being initiated throughout the country. The concept is simple: if, using internet search technology, an adequate search is conducted, all children can be connected or reconnected with safe, healthy families. For more info, visit MyHeritage (link removed).

The CPYP website provides information on programs and strategies for accomplishing permanency for foster youth. Through the CPYP leadership, 14 California Counties have established programs, and many creative efforts are underway. For example, Alameda County's permanency project has created a publication called "Guide to Permanency Options for Youth," which gives concise information about various permanency options, including reunification, adoption, and legal guardianship. Comparison charts show the differences in financial benefits and legal and psychosocial factors among the various permanency options. The Youth Law Center collaborated by ensuring that the legal citations were accurate. The Guide has also been translated into Spanish. Visit Seneca Center for more information.

For more information on forming life-long connections,
call the Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman
at 1-877-846-1602.