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California Ombudsman fo Foster Care --Help Line 1-877-846-1602

The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman was established by legislation, California Senate Bill 933 (Chapter 311/Statutes of 1998) and has been mandated to do the following:

  • Ensure the voice of foster children and youth is heard, and act on their behalf.
  • Create an avenue for foster children and youth to file complaints regarding their placement, care and services without fear of retribution from those who provide their care and services.
  • Act as an independent forum for the investigation and resolution of complaints made by or on behalf of children placed in foster care and make appropriate referrals.
  • Provide children and youth with information on their rights when placed in foster care.
  • Maintain a toll-free telephone number which foster children and youth may call from anywhere in California to express their concerns and complaints.


  • The Foster Care Ombudsman Office established its toll free help line on May 2, 2000
  • The Ombudsman Office is located in Sacramento at 744 P Street.
  • The Ombudsman Office compiles all the complaints received and reports them annually to the Legislature.
  • The Ombudsman Office hires former foster youth as student assistants.
  • An All County Letter (ACL #00-58) was distributed on August 25, 2000 which informs counties that all county social workers are required by SB 933 to provide foster children with information about the Office and the toll-free number.

Other Ombudsman Offices:

  • For a list of contacts for county Child Welfare Ombudsman offices and other State Ombudsman offices, go to Ombudsman List.

Our toll-free number:   1-877-846-1602
Our e-mail address :     fosteryouthhelp@dss.ca.gov.
To make a complaint:   go to our complaints page.

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