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Get Your High School Education!

Need more time to graduate high school? If you think you can finish high school and graduate before you turn 19, your social worker can extend your foster care payments so you can stay in your foster or group home until you turn 19 or graduate.

How do I benefit from getting good grades in high school? If you get good grades in high school, you will be eligible to attend a four-year university, and you will be eligible to get scholarships that will help you pay for college and housing while you attend college.

What if my grades aren't so great or I won't graduate from high school—can I still go to college? Yes, you have many options! You can attend a community college, even if you have a very low GPA or you did not graduate from high school. Then, you can transfer from a community college to a four-year university and you will still be eligible for scholarships and help with living expenses. There are also vocational education opportunities available.

Get Help If You Need It!

If you need help with school, then ask - there are people who can help you! Many ILP programs provide tutoring or help with school, and there are other programs that offer foster youth help, such as:

Foster Youth Services
Some counties in California have a program called Foster Youth Services, which helps foster youth in group homes with tutoring, getting school records, and other education-related services. To find out more about this helpful program and whether your county has a Foster Youth Services program, go to: www.cde.ca.gov/ls/pf/fy/contacts.asp

For more information on education issues or locating
a Foster Youth Services or tutoring program,
call the Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman
at 1-877-846-1602.