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The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman is an independent resource for reviewing issues concerning children and youth in foster care and those who care about them. The Ombudsman Office receives complaints and concerns from a wide range of individuals including foster youth, parents, relatives, CASAs, attorneys, social workers, and many other interested parties.

If you have concerns regarding the care, services or placement of children or youth in foster care, you can call the office at 1-877-846-1602 and talk to someone. You can also file a written complaint using the Complaint Form in this link.To file a complaint with the Ombudsman now, go to
Complaint Form.

If you are a current or former foster youth, or if you have concerns or complaints about a child or youth in foster care, the staff at the Ombudsman Office will:

  • Listen to your concerns;
  • Document your complaints;
  • Gather all relevant information;
  • Remain neutral and impartial;
  • Help resolve complaints; and
  • Give feedback on what to do.

For more general information about how complaints are handled, go to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have complaints about your foster family home or your group home, you can call the Community Care Licensing Regional Office nearest to where you live. To find the closest Office, go to CCL Regional Offices.

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

If you suspect that a child's health or safety is jeopardized due to abuse or neglect by parents or another caretaker who has custody of the child, contact the appropriate Emergency Response hotline number for County Child Protective Services to report the details. The appropriate county CWS agency is the county where the child lives. These telephone numbers are also available in the County Government section of the local telephone directory, or you can call 911 for emergencies.

Complaints Regarding County Social Worker Conduct

Concerns about possible inappropriate actions of county employees and requests to change assigned social workers should be addressed to the Director of the county Child Welfare Services agency for resolution. The names of county directors, addresses, and telephone numbers are listed in the County Government section of the local telephone directory.

For more information on placements and licensing,
call the
Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman at